Upper Lake in bhopal

Also known as ‘Bhojtal’, the ‘Upper Lake in bhopal’ is one of the top “PLACES TO VISIT IN BHOPAL” and definitely a great site to enjoy a wonderful picnic with your friends and family. According to local legends, the history of the lake dates back that Raja Bhoj once suffered from a severe skin disease and even after lots of medications, he could not be cured. It is then, when a saint asked him to build a tank combining the waters of 365 tributaries and take a bath in it to cure his ailment. That is how the ‘Upper Lake in bhopal’ came into existence. Originally called as ‘Bada Talaab’, it was renamed to ‘Bhojtal’ in 2011 to honour this great king. The lake also holds the status of being the oldest man-made lake of India.

Nearby the ‘Upper Lake in bhopal’ is the ‘Vip Road in bhopal’ adjoining the lakes is a favourite haunt for locals to spend lovely evenings, soaking themselves in the tranquil settings of the place. When you are in Bhopal, do spend some time here, take in the stunning beauty of the place and feel yourselves greatly rejuvenated and invigorated.

Van Vihar National Park

Spread over an area of approximately 445 hectares, the ‘Van Vihar National Park’ is one of the most popular national parks in Central India, established in the year 1979. Considered as one of the best places to visit in Bhopal, the park is located just adjacent to the ‘Upper Lake in bhopal’ and attracts loads of nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and nature photographers throughout the year. “Van Vihar National Park” , on visiting it, you would spot the carnivores such as tigers, leopards, panthers, lions, bears and gharials enclosed in their natural habitats, bounded by trenches and walls.

Bhojpur Temple

The ancient ‘Bhojpur Temple’, also known as ‘Bhojeshwar Temple’ built in 11th century AD during the reign of Raja Bhoj. Dedicated to lord Shiva, the temple is located in the heart of the archeologically important site of Bhojpur, just 28 km. from the city of Bhopal. The religious significance of this ancient temple is such high that it is often referred to as ‘Somnath of the East’ and pilgrims from different corners of the country travel here in huge numbers to pay their homage to the god. The Shivlinga at this temple is the largest stone structure in the world and is carved from a single rock, measuring 7.5 ft. in height and 18 ft. in circumference.

Bhimbetka Caves

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, ‘Bhimbetka Caves’ is one of the ‘PLACES TO VISIT IN BHOPAL’ sightseeing places in Bhopal. “Bhimbetka Caves” Located just at a distance of about 45 km. from the main city, on the foothills of the Vindhya Mountains, the place was accidentally discovered by a renowned archaeologist, Dr. Vishnu Wakankar in 1957-58 when he ventured on a leisurely stroll in the area. Stocked with pre-historic rock paintings dating back to the periods between Palaeolithic and Medieval ages, these caves are no less than a splendid art-gallery providing a deep insight into development of human race with time.

Sanchi Stupa

Nestled in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, Sanchi is an important historical and archaeological PLACES TO VISIT IN BHOPAL located at a distance of around 46 Km. from Bhopal. Known for its ancient Stupas and other incredible Buddhist structures dating back to the Mauryan era between 3rd century BC and 12th century AD, the place also holds a great religious significance for Buddhists who swarm here in huge numbers from different corners of the globe. Most significant of all the archaeological recoveries in this small town is the ‘Sanchi Stupa’, the oldest stone structure in India built during 3rd century BC on the orders of then Mauryan Emperor, Asoka. Carved out from a single semi-circular rock, the sacred stupa is known to enshrine the old Buddha relics. The eye-catching design and splendid architecture of this stupa displays an austere grandeur of its times, no wonder, it has been ranked amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



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