iPhone 8

iPhone 8

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“iphone 8 specification”

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“iPhone 8 release date”

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iphone 8 specification

iphone 8 specification Hottest leaks:

  • An iris scanner
  • A Smart Connector
  • New sensing technology

                  Free AirPods                                                     

It might not just be the screen you’ll be interacting with on the iPhone 8, as Apple is also rumored to be working on a “new sensing technology,” which would allow the phone to respond when you touch any side of it. Theoretically that could be used for example to change the screen brightness by swiping along the edge, or take a picture by tapping it. One other rumored feature of the iPhone 8 is an “iris scanner” , which wouldn’t be much of a surprise given that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had one and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus do too. Facial recognition of some kind is looking ever more likely, as it’s been rumored again, and Apple’s even acquired a company which works in that area. Some of the phone’s built-in smarts might be powered by a dedicated AI chip – the word on the Cupertino street is that Apple is busy working on an artificial intelligence processor to take the strain of the main CPU and graphics chips. One analyst has suggested Apple will bundle some free AirPods in with the premium iPhone 8 – that would be nice, but we’d recommend you don’t hold your breath on that one. The iPhone 8 might tighten up security in other ways too, as an Apple patent details a system that could get a thief’s fingerprints and photo, as well as recording audio, video and their location. We’ve already seen a Smart Connector on the iPad Pro, where it’s primarily used to attach accessories, like keyboards.

‘iPhone 8 release date’

Hottest leaks:

  • September 2017 launch for iPhone 8S and iPhone 8S Plus
  • Slightly later October 2017 date for the all-screen iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 release date is the routine new iPhone rumor we expect to stay the same every year, but Apple may do something different here, too.

Apple has launched a new iPhone in September every year since the iPhone 5 in 2012. September iPhone launches have a pretty consistent track record.

iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus may still launch in September sporting a worthy, but ultimately predictable design and feature upgrade.

‘iPhone 8’ may deviate from this plan, launching a little bit later (still before Black Friday and Cyber Monday) due to reported production delays.


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