Inspired By Instagram, Snapchat Stories, WhatsApp, Popular Social Networking App FACEBOOK Officially launched its new feature “STORIES” is now available to all users across the globe on iPhone, Android and Windows devices.The new Facebook Stories feature allows users to heavily customise their pictures with filters, text, drawings, stickers, frames and animated masks. Once your app is updated to the latest version, you will see a Story icon on the top bar. The story will be visible to 24 hrs.

Just like Instagram Stories, The circular Stories bubbles in a row above the News Feed, showing the profile pics of friends who’ve posted, ranked by relevancy rather than reverse chronology like Snapchat. The Masks or Filter comes with many options Covenant, Despicable Me 3, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Power Rangers, Smurfs: The Lost Village and Wonder Woman, which the company has partnered with.

What’s new in Facebook Camera? You can now Draw anything with resizable marker and chalk brushes or paste Emoji stickers. There is also Animated selfie lenses and masks witch enhances your creativity. There Are Many FIlters like Environmental Filter like highlight lines and funhouse mirrors, Reactive filters that respond to movement like lava lamp colors, Iterative filters that surprise you with new effects if you get more people in frame, Professional artist filters like Hattie Stewart’s doodle bombs and Doug Copeland’s psychedelia.

Now, by introducing Facebook Stories, Facebook wants you to tell more stories to almost all of your friends. This Social Networking app has over a billion users worldwide and so, this new feature will have a large audience than Snapchat. As we Know, Mark Zuckerberg owns both Facebook and Whatsapp, and the social turf war seems to going on between Facebook and Snapchat right now. lets see, Who will win?


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