CHARGEST is the world’s smallest and most advanced universal travel adapter that saves your space in luggage. Made from a single block of durable polycarbonate, “ChargEST” is designed to take harsh real-life charging conditions and last thousands of charging cycles and uses. Its clever all-in-one design made it possible to combine all commonly used charging ports, eliminating the need for fumbling around for charging cables. You can simultaneously charge up your smartphone and any other device that calls for a regular power plug, such as your laptop. With a total power throughput of 6.3A, you can charge up to 6 different devices at the same time – fast. Integrated charging pins for your portable devices are available at your disposal, including the 8-pin Lightning adapter, Micro-USB, and the reversible USB Type-C connector. This makes it possible to charge up your devices with ease.

ChargEst acts as a universal power adapter and is compatible with US, UK, Europe, Australia, and over 150 wall plug standards. “Chargest” is compatible with most of the countries like USA, UK, Europe, Australia and 150 other outlet and plug standards. It charges cableless upto two mobile devices with fast charging support. This devices have three USB ports where you give power to your smart gadgets and devices. This device also contain the ChargestBank, which makes the perfect addition to your ‘Chargest’. It’s total capacity of 6300mAh and compact design that enables you to remain flexible and charged whenever need some extra battery. The ChargestBank can fully-charge your iPhone or Android smartphone up to 3 times and also has an additional USB outlet to charge any other device! The unit is built to stringent standards, and has several safety features like a childproof socket, protection from overcharge, temperature protection, short circuit protection, and voltage variation.

ChargEST voltage ranges from 110 to 250V, covering all electrical network standards worldwide. Each Micro-USB provides a 2.1A charging power, meaning that two phones can be charged simultaneously to full battery in less than an hour. Three additional USB ports provide 2.1A of shared charging power. The cable-less charging makes it convenient as one doesn’t have to carry a bunch of different cables and adapters that will inevitably get tangled up when stored together in a bag.

Compact design, Chargest fit in your pocket.
All plug extension stored in the device.
Safe and reliable
Cableless charging.
Universal adapter
Fast charging
microUSB,Lighting and Usb-C support

Charge any device, anywhere,
Anytime, simple and easy,
Travel Adapter and Phone Charger in One!


2 Pin Adapter Slots
Dimention 3.15″x3.15″x1.57″
3 USB Port

Charge any device, anywhere,
Anytime, simple and easy,
Travel Adapter and Phone Charger in One!


ChargEST can be preordered on IndieGoGo, at a discounted price of $49 for the adapter and $39 for the power bank, or as a package. There are further discounts for bundle orders. The ChargEST Double adapter sells for $69 and gives you an additional socket outlet to plug in an extra device. You can also purchase an extra Lightning pin for $9 as an addition to another order.


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